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Welcome to the ISF Qilin Sports Teams!


At ISF, we take great pride in our wide range of sports programs catering to our students’ diverse interests and abilities. Our sports teams offer a unique and enriching experience, fostering a team-first attitude that values teamwork, discipline, and personal growth.


Basketball, Netball, Swimming, Squash, and Wushu form the foundation of our Athletic Honors sports program. Led by our team of internal professional coaches and experts in their respective fields, these sports are a year-round commitment. Our coaches are carefully selected based on their experience, background, and ability to inspire and motivate young students. They provide comprehensive training sessions, including weekend competitions, weekly training, and even holiday training programs. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions both locally and abroad, showcasing their skills on a broader platform.


Beyond our athletic honors sports, we also support students in pursuing their interests in other sports. While these sports are seasonal and may not have dedicated internal coaches, we ensure that our students receive the necessary training and support to participate in the competitions.