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The vibrant facilities at The ISF Academy are nestled in a sprawling 13,153 square-meter state-of-the-art campus in Pokfulam. Our purpose-built amenities are designed to provide a dynamic and enriching experience for students.

Recently remodeled to offer a second-level spectator stand and digitized scoreboard. This cutting-edge facility is perfect for indoor sports activities and competitive games such as basketball, netball, volleyball, and badminton.

Meticulously designed to cater to both 'Learn-To' and competitive aquatic activities, the pool is heated and indoor, allowing for year-round utilization and ensuring a comprehensive aquatic experience.

Unleash your musical talents in our thoughtfully designed private music rooms. With excellent acoustics, ample practice space, and a comfortable layout, these rooms provide the perfect environment for learners to explore and embrace the world of music.

Witness the dedication of our talented Wushu team in the Wushu Practice Room. Here, they learn and refine their skills in the ancient Chinese martial arts of Wushu, practicing with various equipment.

Experience the thrill of squash in our state-of-the-art squash center. With four well-maintained courts, learners of all levels, from budding players to promising amateurs, have the perfect training ground to enhance their skills and enjoy the sport.

Our versatile gymnasium offers learners the opportunity to engage in a wide range of indoor sports activities, including netball, basketball, rope climbing, and rock climbing. It's a space where they can stay active, have fun, and explore their athletic abilities.

The space offers a variety of sports activities, children and youth can enjoy and let their competitive spirits soar.

Designed with physical and weight training equipment, this space aims to help users strengthen their muscles, improve their stamina, and maintain a regular exercise routine.

The modern, well-equipped secondary basketball court offers children and youth the opportunity to hone their skills, and enjoy the sport in a top-notch facility.

At The ISF Academy, we believe in providing learners with exceptional facilities that inspire growth, foster teamwork, and ignite a passion for sports and activities.